We are proud developers of the Mega-Ray bulb and are sole European distributors for the product. We are your one stop shop for all of your reptiles needs.

At Megaray UK we feel its vital that every reptile and reptile keeper should have access to these products. They have been proven time and time again to represent both excellent value for money, at the same time delivering excellent UVB output to your reptiles and with minimal decay rates. Not only that, every bulb carries a 12 month guarantee that your reptile will be happier and healthier with a Mega-Ray lamp in its life. With the demand for the bulbs becoming a world-wide issue, Mega-Ray  are putting in place a structure of worldwide distribution. It is becoming less and less effective to ship single bulbs from Germany  to the UK, and therefore, Mega-Ray Uk has been appointed sole importer of the products. We are seeking a network of UK stockists to carry stocks and help with getting the product where it needs to be, above our reptiles. We will seek to promote each stockist through this website, simply click the stockists page to find your nearest. If you are a reptile store please make contact via the contact us page to find out how to start selling mega ray products.

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